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Construction is one of the major industries globally. Looking at the huge and tall buildings everyone may wonder how these buildings are made, undoubtedly there are so many sequences of events that have to put right at right time to get the ideal result when it’s come to construction. Instruction is not as easy as the sound that you get the land get the material and start building whereas before going on to the ground to start construction there are so many steps that developers have to follow to ensure that their construction goes right. 

  1. After acquiring the land, the first thing, you have to conduct a topographic survey of the land. In this way, you will get to know about the inclination and ground level of the land. This is a very important survey as it will depict the whereabouts of the land. 
  2. To ensure that the land can bear the weight of the building a geotechnical survey will be carried out that will test the quality of the soil and the underground conditions of the land. This is a very important survey because it will show the load factor of the soil and it has a direct impact on the design of the building. In many cases, if the soil seems to be non-load bearing and, in that case, foundation piles will be added to support the weight of the building. The report of the Geotech survey is very important as it will not only affect the design but the budget of the project too. 
  3. After these two surveys, the next very important thing is to locate utility services. Especially the lands that are in a populated area and the infrastructure that has been made around that area. In that case, it is for sure that there will be a network of underground locating services Melbourne. Locating the underground services is a critical job because before starting the construction you must be knowing about all the services that are in the ground. Starting the construction by ignoring the utility service may result in severe consequences. For instance, while excavating your land if you have damaged this average the pipe in the network, this will not only halt your construction but will also affect the people living in that area. In many cases, authorities will get involved and you can get penalized for damaging government property. It is mandatory that before starting your construction you should locate underground services and develop a map so that you can plan your construction accordingly. 
  4. After getting all these surveys and making your design formal approval is very important to go ahead with your plan. In that approval, the authorities will review the site’s plan and they will also ensure that the construction plan is not damaging any underground service. This will ensure them that the plan has been made after locating the underground services so there will be no damage to any government property.